Building the future of newsrooms with this next-gen system. I breathe life into existing code and craft new features, empowering journalists to tell their stories faster and better.Read More →


Fueled by innovation, I was part of the core team shaping the future of this SaaS product.Read More →

Jersey Illusion Sales & Inventory App (Freelance)

From ideation to launch, I built this app for a friend, streamlining their workflow and boosting efficiency.Read More →

E-Commerce Platform

Pushing boundaries as a learner, I tackled these projects, honing my skills and exploring new technologies.Read More →


Uparjon stands as a testament to my final project during my bachelor's journey a freelancing marketplace designed and developed using Laravel.Read More →

My Diary

This personal journal app, built with PWA, is a testament to my passion for user-centric design and delightful experiences.Read More →

Mini Projects

I built these projects to learn, explore, and contribute.Read More →

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