Jersey Illusion Sales & Inventory App (Freelance)

Shamim Fahad,2 min read

Sales & Inventory of Jersey Illusion

Personal Project: Full Stack App

I embarked on the journey of creating this app to enhance my full-stack skills and, let's be honest, earn a bit of extra cash 😉. Throughout the development process, I encountered and tackled various challenges, gaining insights into the nuances that can have significant implications in larger applications.


Learning and Exploration

Building this app proved to be an invaluable learning experience. It provided a deep dive into database management and the intricacies of organizing information effectively. Exploring new technologies was a highlight, allowing me to stay current and maximize the potential of cutting-edge tools and techniques. The project became a playground for honing my skills while having some fun along the way.

Future-Ready Architecture

With an eye on the future, I developed the entire app with extensibility in mind, envisioning its expansion to support additional services. This foresight laid the foundation for scalability and integration with other applications down the road.

Intricacies of Schema Definition

The most intriguing aspect of this endeavor was defining the schema. While I knew what needed to be built, solving the associated challenges required a blend of logical and practical solutions. It was imperative that the architecture remained extensible and seamlessly integrated with other applications.

Technology Choices

I opted for Next.js for its versatility and robust capabilities, anticipating the eventual addition of an ecommerce site and integration with delivery platforms. The choice of Next.js facilitated a smooth development process, ensuring flexibility for future enhancements.

FrontendBackend & Other Services
Tanstack QueryCockroachDB
Tanstack TableBcryptJs
Material UIReact CSV

Advanced Features

Implemented features such as user management with multiple roles and category management elevated the app's functionality. A pivotal component of the project was the development of a dynamic order management system. This system empowered users to effortlessly update, cancel, and recalculate orders in real-time, leveraging stock data for accuracy. To uphold the highest standards of reliability and security, the entire application was written in TypeScript.


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3

This personal project not only added to my skill set but also provided a platform to implement advanced features and anticipate the future growth of the application.

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