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Project Overview

Uparjon stands as a testament to my final project during my bachelor's journey a freelancing marketplace designed and developed using Laravel. Originally conceived with aspirations of transforming into a startup, the venture faced challenges that eventually led to the cancellation of the startup idea.

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The freelancing marketplace, while relatively simple, incorporated a diverse array of services. Users were empowered with multiple roles, facilitating tasks such as messaging, simple bidding, and job posting.

Development Journey

Spanning a little over three months, the development process prioritized functionality and technical aspects, unfortunately leaving limited time for extensive design work. Regrettably, there isn't a live deployed version available; however, the project repository can be explored on GitHub - Laravel Freelance (opens in a new tab).

Technology Stack

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The project's design might not be a visual masterpiece, as my focus was dedicated to ensuring robust functionality and resolving technical intricacies. Despite the challenges encountered, Uparjon stands as a significant milestone in my academic journey and development experience.

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