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Dina is the next-generation newsroom system, taking full advantage of modern web technologies to improve editorial workflows.

Dina screen

Professional Work Experience

This was my first dive into big-scale applications. At first, the size and complexity of the app were intimidating, but I soon got the hang of it. Our team was determined to tackle challenges and find new solutions, making things easier for journalists and editors. We introduced a complete solution for planning and publishing content, which made the whole process smoother.

Technological Landscape

Our infrastructure revolved around a cloud-native, serverless architecture. But most of our energy went into frontend development. Consequently, a significant portion of our solutions needed extensive frontend work, requiring a lot of optimization owing to the sheer scale of the application.

Technology Stack

In our pursuit of excellence, we leveraged a diverse array of libraries and solutions sourced from online platforms. Some of the frequently employed tools include:

FrontendBackend/AWS ServicesOther Services
ReactCloudFrontMos Protocol
EmotionLambdaWeb hooks
JotaiS3RSS feed getter microservices
Material UIDynamoDBMAM services integrations
Slate jsNode JsGraphics plugin integrations
GraphqlScheduler integrations

Challenges & Solutions

Script editor

Story layout

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