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Shamim Fahad,6 min read

Covid-19 Tracking Website

I embarked on the creation of this website during the initial stages of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Inspired by a YouTube tutorial and leveraging the API provided by Mathdroid, I developed a platform to visualize and comprehend the impact of the virus.

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Application Overview

The "Covid 19 Home" application presents a comprehensive overview at the top, displaying the total number of infected, recovered, and deceased individuals due to COVID-19. The focal point is a dynamic line chart illustrating the progression of infections from the onset of the pandemic to the present day. Hovering over any point on the curve reveals specific infection counts for that day.

Covid 19 tracker


  • Global Overview: The application provides a global perspective, offering insights into the cumulative infected, recovered, and death counts.

  • Interactive Line Chart: A graphical representation in the form of a line chart offers an interactive experience. Users can hover over data points to access infection counts on specific dates.

  • Country-Specific Data: Users have the option to select a country from the dropdown menu, revealing a bar chart that delineates COVID-19 infections for each selected country.

Country specific data

Technology Stack

  • Frontend:
    • React
    • ChartJs (for data visualization)
    • Material UI (for card components)
    • Axios (for data fetching)

Design and Implementation

The website is designed using React, with ChartJs enhancing the visual representation of COVID-19 data. Material UI is employed for creating informative and visually appealing cards, while Axios facilitates seamless data retrieval from the Mathdroid API.

This project serves as a testament to utilizing technology for societal awareness and understanding, particularly during critical times such as a global health crisis.

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