E-Commerce Platform

Shamim Fahad,1 min read

A modern single vendor e-commerce platform.

Project Overview

I crafted a modern single-vendor e-commerce platform as part of my journey in learning React and Redux. Despite its seemingly straightforward appearance, this application encapsulates all the core functionalities essential for a large-scale project. Striking a balance between leveraging the power of React and Redux and maintaining simplicity was a key focus throughout its development.

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Dynamics of Simplicity

The application, though simple, boasts a dynamic nature. I meticulously incorporated the standout features of the included libraries, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience.

Technology Stack

FrontendBackendOther Services
SASSNode JsStripe
Styled ComponentsExpressHeroku


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Project Duration and Learning

Completed in a span of two and a half months, this project became a crucible for learning about existing React libraries. The hands-on experience garnered during its development provided valuable insights into crafting practical and effective solutions.

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